1. Welcome to my life.

  2. Smoke kills but love too.

  3. Do you want some?

  6. Probably, if John had wrote songs about the love between boyfriends and girlfriends he would have been still alive.

  7. fuckyeahmercury:

    Freddie in Japan, 1975.

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  8. You take my breath away. 

  9. rumpuslr:

    Freddy and Brian relaxing in the park, circa 1985


  10. sometimes-cats:

    Bohemian Rhapsody is no one’s favorite song, but also everyone’s favorite song. Like, when someone asks what your favorite song is you never say Bohemian Rhapsody but when it starts playing on the radio I am pretty sure you crank it up and belt out every single lyric and you don’t even care you’re so proud.

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